Monday, April 02, 2007

Booble Blocks Blog

Howdy Comrades!
My anger over being switched unwittingly to New Blogger and Google’s failure to upgrade Blogger for Word so that it’s compatible has gradually changed to a feeling of depression. I’ve made every effort to continue The Little Red Book using New Blogger, but either my technical skills are inadequate, or there is no way to use New Blogger with JAWS. Even with 8.0, JAWS will not reliably tell me when I’m in the appropriate edit field for entering the text of my post. Consequently, I’ve published titles without actual posts and deleted content I wanted to keep. I constantly get error messages from Blogger, and I am now getting error messages from JAWS as well.
I have contacted Dr. John Slatin of the Assistive Technology Institute at UT-Austin, but he’s overwhelmed with work on a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation in addition to his normal workload. I hope he will be able to use his connections with some of the wunderkinds at Google to just get them to switch me back to Old Blogger.
Until I can hook up with Dr. slatin, my posts will be hit or miss, depending on my hitting the correct frame in the New Blogger format. I am also exploring other Blog services, and I have purchased the domain name, through Go Daddy. If any of you in the community have suggestions, please contact me before I overdose on Zoloft!
Chairman Mal
Power to the Peeps!