Sunday, May 01, 2011

Ben Laden Be Gone!


Howdy Comrades!

The announcement by President Obama that the terrorist leader Bin Laden was killed deep in Pakistan by United States military forces both astounded and elated me.  So many of us had given up hope that this incarnation of evil would never receive the justice he so badly deserved.  When I heard the news, I had to call my friends to make certain my mind wasn't playing tricks on me fearing I'd entered some kind of temporal anomaly and slipped world lines.  I had a similar feeling in November of 2000 when Florida was first awarded to Mr. Gore only to hear Dan Rather move it into the Bush column.  I really questioned if the world had gone mad or I had slipped some gears.

Comrades, those of you who are Christian, Jews, Buddhist and humanists, the monster of the third millennium is dead.  I hope we will join together in cherishing the removal of his evil from our planet.  Bin Laden's remains will be treated in accord with the religious traditions he espouse.  I find this appropriate but ironic because his life work did so much to distort the truth of Islam.

The struggle is not over, not here, not anywhere in our imperfect world.  Still, the unity expressed throughout the world when Bin laden destroyed  3000 lives on 911 should rekindle so that we build on this victory and lay this man to rest in a way he denied so many of his victims.


Chairman Mal

Power to the Peeps!