Saturday, October 31, 2009

AyRod and Cones

Howdy Comrades!

Well, tonight is Halloween for all the good little peeps, and I wish them a safe and fun celebration so long as none of them attempt to darken my door.  The Blind Panther Compound on Croslin has been secured against any goblins, ghosts or ghouls in order for me to enjoy the third game of the World Series.  I'm sure the little guttersnipes will understand when they grow up.

Of course I will be rooting for the Philly's to repeat and beat the team from the Evil Empire State, the damned Yankees.  Last year, I was able to see some of the baseball action on my Sony Trinitron HD TV.  I purchased it when I had more useful peripheral vision on my 50th birthday, only to have my cones deteriorate further a few months later.  Now I see brilliant hallucinations of lights with some glimpses of real visual information getting through to my visual cortex from time to time, when the light and my viewing angle are aligned just right.  I am not bothered too much by the loss of visual acuity, but the syndrome that produces the private light show can really wreak havoc with my orientation and state of mind.  This is more acute when I want to see, even imperfectly, the way I did at fifty during big events such as the World Series and space shuttle launches.  Don't worry Comrades--I have no suicidal ideation.  At least as long as the Yankees don't win.

Stay tuned to the LRB for some big Cap Metro news from the Blind Salamander.  Yes, the bastards are being duplicitous again.


Chairman Mal

Power to the Peeps!