Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chairman Mal's Little Red Book: Iran I Bleed

Iran I Bleed

Howdy Comrades!

Today all members of the Blind Panther Party are ordered to take whatever steps are necessary to assist the peeps of Iran who have been wounded, killed and disenfranchised by a government that has turned a deaf ear to their collective voices.  The recent election in Iran was obviously rigged.  To declare the current idiot President the winner by a landslide in a record breaking turnout election within hours; even while voting continued is an insult to everyone who cast a ballot.  This is beyond belief!  Nothing less than a revote can solve the problem.

An Iranian friend who has a blind father said the people want change.  The clerics in his town think its just fine for his Dad to spend his days with nothing to do but smoke his opium pipe.  As far as their skewed view of Islam goes, this is considered a mercy as long as he is given food and a place to live.  He has no place in the community, according to the Mullahs in that town.  Obviously, I can't reveal more details for his safety and the safety of his family who remain in Iran and support him the best they can.

The Supreme Leader may think he can kill enough of the people to quell what is rapidly becoming a Civil War.  Too many people will die to enforce his will.  If you can demonstrate wherever you are, you are hereby ordered to do so.  Publicize the stories you hear about this unspeakable repression.


Chairman Mal

Power to the Peeps!