Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blind News and KNFB Reader Upgrade

Howdy Comrades!

I apologize for neglecting the blog for so long, but I have been very busy with the Texas Democratic primary, the soaring market in precious metals and personal matters.  I will relate additional information about these activities in future posts. 

My major beef today is that Blind News seems to be out of business for the time being.  Based on what I think are frivolous and rather grandiose complaints by some authors who objected that their intellectual property had been included for distribution by Blind News, Free Lists discontinued the service.  I can’t fathom why such authors object to having their materials made available to persons who are blind and are usually precluded from reading these articles at the original source.  I hope Blind news will resume very soon, perhaps in a country with clearer copyright laws.  I have found this service to be an invaluable resource in keeping abreast of how blindness related stories are being reported in the world media.  I have befriended several international writers as a direct result of finding their articles through Blind News.  Let us all thank Jeff and Leon for their tireless efforts with Blind News.  If I can assist in any manner, please let me know. 

I am also very excited about the prospect of upgrading my current KNFB reader to the cell phone based unit.  Talk about killing more than two birds with one stone!  I can finance the upgrade with just one platinum trade, and I feel fortunate to be in this blessed position.  Comrades, I’ve missed blogging and hope to publish with greater regularity very soon.


Chairman Mal

Power to the Peeps!