Monday, March 21, 2011

Garden of Freedom

Howdy Comrades!

It's the first full day of spring 2011!  So much has happened throughout the world, I'm simply speechless, totally unable to encompass all that's happened.  There's still real hope for human rights advocates throughout the Middle East and countries in North Africa.  Yet, there's concomitant suffering for the Japanese people and many caught up in the Libyan uprising. 

In my minescul part of the world, I am considering my garden, hwere to place which plant and if one or the other will do better in this patch or that.  It seems so trivial.  I no longer see the blooms that will blossom in May and June but hold the beuty of them in my mind.  On good days, I may even glimpse one of them with my residual vision if the light is just so, falling in those withering photoreceptors in my eyes.  I see it poorly but add detail with my mind.

Comrades, I suggest if you can, start a garden whether a garden of plants or a garden of words and action which one day may yield liberty.  We can all share this hope in the future.


Chairman Mal

Power to the Peeps!