Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anti-Social Media

Howdy Comrades!

Once again, I've failed to update this blog as promised last month.  I've noticed this is often a trend with several blogs I follow.  Sometimes, one just runs out of steam, and other times the exigencies of life make blogging a very low priority.  Nowadays, I've noticed the more tech savvy blind folks have migrated to social media such as Face book and Twitter.  I'm afraid I will stick to the same old anti-social media, namely this blog.

August was quite eventful with respect to the villains at Cap Metro screwing paratransit users.  We had the great 504 Taxi Voucher caper.  Pathetic attempts were made by Metro staff to have so-called public meetings to make it seem as though they really cared about what the disability community thinks about plans to severely cut Metro Access.  September promises to be yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of lies, cutting legal corners and convincing the  Cap Metro Board to vote to destroy what was once a model paratransit system.  I will attempt to keep you posted, but don't expect any tweets from Board meetings!


Chairman Mal

Power to the Peeps!