Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chen Guangcheng Begins Change in China

Howdy Comrades!

It's really difficult for me to get my arms around what's happened in China lately.  Many years ago, Chen Guangcheng

 Challenged local officials with a lawsuit demanding that forced abortions and sterilizations to promote China's "One Child" policy be stopped as a violation of the Chinese Constitution.  As a result of his impudence, Chen Guangcheng


 Spent time in jail, beaten by other inmates and his family was harassed.  Now that he is safely studying in New York, his family is still persecuted by thugs employed by local old guard communist party members.

Soon the Party Congress will meet to choose new national leaders and there's a serious effort to change the much vaunted one child policy.  Proponents of this change in official policy site abuses of power by local officials and a growing need for younger workers in a technological economy.  It's argued that if the one child policy continues into the foreseeable future, China will have a population of old people incapable of supporting a rising superpower.

Just imagine it, comrades, this seismic shift in changing China for the better arose when one blind man stood up and said "This policy hurts China."


Chairman Mal