Friday, May 04, 2012

Chen Guangcheng Allowed to Study Abroad

Howdy Comrades!

In the latest news concerning the plight of blind activist Chen Guangcheng Hillary Clinton announced that the CPC will allow him and his family to study in the United States, provided a fellowship is available to fund his education.  Numerous colleges such as City College in New York and the American School, went on record as willing participants.  Once the Secretary of State leaves China, one wonders if this deal could change yet again?  Of course allowing Chen Guangcheng to study in the United States provides China a way to rid CPC leaders of an embarrassing situation.  It also gives the Obama Administration a way to answer critics of how Chen Guangcheng's case was handled by our ambassador to China.  Let's hope Chen Guangcheng and those in China he's championed throughout his life will also benefit.


Chairman Mal



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