Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day of the Three Little Piggies . . .

Greetings Comrades on Behalf of Chairman Mal!

As our Dear leader's new personal physician, I am delighted to report that Chairman mal is thriving under my care and wishes to congratulate all members of the BPP and fellow travelers on the glorious May Day of 2009.  He stated that the Party has made great strides this year under his enlightened leadership with the advice and consent of his loyal comrades serving on the Central Committee.

As in the past, Chairman Mal pledges his devotion to the cause of the BPP and the welfare of blind people throughout the known universe.  He stated to me that, "We are on the verge of total victory over the evil doers at Cap metro."  He urges continued diligence and participation in the upcoming Mayoral elections in Austin.  Central committee members will advise our operatives on which candidates he orders them to support.

Comrades, keep in mind that our Dear leader thinks on a much higher plain than most mortal entities.  His mind is similar to a quantum computer in its complexity and operation.  This does, however, sometimes cause confusion in those who attempt to comprehend his thoughts.  I say this so that you will carefully analyze the following Candy Apple Red Alert directly from the lips of our Dear Leader.

"Beware of the deviationists behind the plague of the "Three little Piggies!"

Central Committee members will inform our operatives what Chairman Mal means by this warning.

In solidarity,

Dr. Ho Lee Kau

Power to the Peeps!