Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fresh and Fighting Mad!

Howdy Comrades!

I'm pleased to report that the peeps no longer need avert their noses, however discretely, in my august presence!  I followed Father Joe's pastoral suggestion and hired a competent Roman Catholic plumber who has actually repaired my personal shower.  My theories of demonic possession and new physics based on oscillating neutrinos proved to be somewhat grandiose.  I was unaware that the pipe leading to the shower head contains what is called stems by the gurus of pipes, proper toilet function and septic tank repairs.  And I thought a stem consists a part of a flower!  One lives and learns.

My tuition for the school of hard knocks has been somewhat steep.  My plumber charged a bit less than three hundred bucks.  When I asked him why his price was higher than other professionals of his guild, he reminded me that a good Catholic must tithe to the church.  At the risk of blasphemy, I suspect this could be something akin to a kickback, but I can't argue with success.  I have enjoyed my first decent hot shower outside a hotel in several years! 

Now that I am more hygienic and no longer notice that people tend to keep quite a distance from my person, I am now prepared to tackle the evil doers at Cap Metro.  Yes, Comrades, we've finally caught them with their pants down and forced them to admit flaws in determining eligibility and their fascist appeals process.  I realize international readers find reports about "Texas Transportation" boring, but as my sainted Granny once said, "Tough shit Sherlock!"


Chairman Mal

Power to the Peeps!