Friday, November 02, 2012

Romney/Ryan Bad for Blind Americans

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Tony Jones has made a very disturbing report about a conversation he had with Congressman Ryan at the second Presidential Debate.  So far, I can't confirm his story because the Secret Service confiscates all cell phones, cameras or recording devices not authorized by the Network.  Here's what Mr. Jones published to the NFB-T discussion list.

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I wasn't on stage for the debates, all the people who were qualified to be there showed up. I did sit by Rep. Paul Ryan in the audience, and we talked some about HB 3086, and blindness issues. To say the least he WASN'T receptive on any of it. He will vote against HB 3086, and wants to do away with ALL rehab and V/R and V/T services for ALL the disabled, even job training. He also said that People with Disabilities should be grateful that they get SSI and Social Security." that we don't need to take scarce jobs from the abled bodied." George, I don't know yet if I will be at the White Cane Day event  It depends on work.




Tony Jones

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Finally, I do know that during his term as Governor,  Mr. Romney proposed fees for blind folks.  That's right!  He proposed a fee for Certificates of Blindness and Photo ID's indicating that a blind person was a client of the Blind Commission in Massachusetts

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·        Do we need these clowns running the United States of America?  I think not.


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