Thursday, December 28, 2006

Red Alert to Human Rights Activists

Howdy Comrades!
I’ve followed the many articles from Blind News concerning the imprisonment of a brave human rights champion in China, Chen Guangcheng, who is blind.    A kangaroo court first convicted him of “mob activities” after he filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of women who were persecuted for violating China’s one child policy.  Chen Guangcheng uncovered abuses of basic human rights of women who were forced to have abortions and were sterilized.  An appeals court required a review of his sentence following an international outcry over flagrant violations of due process perpetrated at the first trial.  Heedless of civilized norms, the original court upheld their decision to incarcerate Chen Guangcheng, and he has recently been threatened with torture for continuing his protest behind bars.   No matter what one may think about abortion rights, you've got to recognize the sheer guts of this blind brother.  Of course money talks, and the fat cat
Commie leadership in China owns hundreds of billions in U. S. Treasury bonds.  Despite these economic ties to china, our blind brother, Chen Guangcheng, must not be held hostage to international money markets and the interests of big business.
This is not acceptable to any civilized, freedom loving people, and the Chinese authorities must pay for their transgression.  We must unite to free Chen Guangcheng.  We must call on the government of China to drop all charges against this brave man and his attorneys.   Those officials who conspired in this travesty of justice must be brought to account.  They are hurting China and blind people throughout the world by incarcerating Chen Guangcheng.  We must urge the US government to make it clear to Chinese officials that we view this as an intolerable miscarriage of justice that will imperil friendly relations and trade.  Where is the outrage?  Where is the media?
We should boycott the Para Olympics unless this gentleman is given his freedom.  No blind athlete should compete in China until this brave gentleman
Is given his freedom.
Chairman Mal
Power to the Peeps!