Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wither Health Care and the Supremes?

 Howdy Comrades!

In less than nine hours, we will learn if the Supreme Court decides the individual mandate to buy health insurance is constitutional.  There seems to be some uncertainty that Chief Justice Roberts, in the biggest clash with the Executive branch in seventy years, will want to gut the Affordable Care Act based on a five to four decision.  Comrades, don't be fooled.  Questions from five of the more conservative justices seemed hostile to the individual mandate, and the judicial branch has had little regard overturning the will of Congress by a bare majority since Gore v Bush. 

Therefore, I believe the suspense is nearly over.  The only question that remains is whether the court will allow the expansion of State Medicare roles and more popular aspects of the law such as coverage for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits on health care spending by claimants and the ability of family members under age 26 to continue coverage through their parents insurance plans.  Justice Roberts won't mind yet another divisive five to four decision.  His court can't be outdone by those judges in Egypt after all!


Chairman Mal


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