Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wafra Buys Jaws

Howdy Comrades!
Should we rejoice or worry? No, comrades, I am not speaking of the demise of the Rev. Fauldwell: I’m asking this question about the recent acquisition of Freedom Scientific by Wafra, sold by Summit Partners for a good deal of money. Will the Kuwaitis now have the blind over a barrel or will the vast wealth of the Persian Gulf help us? We have many questions at the world headquarters of the Blind Panther Party, but we have no answers from Freedom Scientific. Normally, even in the so-called post capitalist IT environment, there’s at least a press release. Why is Wafra keeping the blind in the dark about their purchase of Freedom Scientific? Perhaps, there’s merely a difference in business culture at work here, and I warn BPP members to hold your fire before doing anything too radical. Onward through the fog!
Chairman Mal
Power to the Peeps!