Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Showers Death on Alabama


Howdy Comrades!

This last month I've practiced quietism, reflecting on changes in my life, my possible future and more esoteric topics.  The vicious storms, some tornadoes a mile or more wide with winds at or exceeding 200 MPH have devastated my home state of Alabama.  At least 205 dead in Alabama alone and other states experienced another hundred deaths at minimum.  Some of my friends have asked me how God can allow the destruction of whole towns, the death of children and many good people.  I tell them that there's no good answer to why God allows evil or injustice, cruelty and degradation.  Obviously, one anser is that there's no god and the multiverse was created by no almighty Creator.  Instead natural laws we don't understand has evolved what we perceive as reality in our lives.  Others deny this materialistic assertion arguing for a loving God who regularly intervenes in individual lives.  Comrades, I don't see how either of these views can be correct.  There's still much science has yet to explain.  I recall prayers for victory in a high school football game during pep rallies.  Does anyone seriously believe God cares who wins a game between squads of boys playing a team sport soon to be forgotten?  If so, they are deluded.  I would not asked God for such inane blessings as winning a football game and suffered derision for my so called disrespect for the creator.  My reply was that I felt asking the creator of the universe for such a trivial advantage was an insult to our deity.

I still have questions about why so many people had to die in the storms this week.  I don't think God causes the destruction but allows the natural laws of creation to play out for some reason I can't yet fathom.  I still feel the pain and sometimes the doubt.


Chairman Mal

Power to the Peeps!